Our Winter Pyramid Concert went live on YouTube December 12 at 7pm. The total time is about 35 minutes. Go directly to our channel and subscribe and you will be notified when we post more content.

The Fairfax High School Choral Department is comprised of four outstanding Choral ensembles and two A Cappella clubs (Malebox and Quarantunes).​

  • A Cappella 
  • Bel Canto ​
  • Cantabile
  • Choro Basso
8 Virtual Board Meeting 7:30pm
16/17 Plastic Modelers Fundraiser TBD
TBD All-Virginia Honors
6 Virtual Board Meeting 7:30pm
10 After School Concert 3-4:30pm
11 Spring Showcase Concert TBD
3 Virtual Board Meeting 7:30pm
TBD Graduation

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